Young people to help shape new Camden Youth Offer

Young people in Camden are being invited to help shape a new ‘Camden Youth Offer’ for the borough, as part of a major survey and review of the range of activities and services currently available to them. 

A major review of the borough’s youth offer is taking place, looking at the broad range of existing provision and activities for young people aged 12 to 18, and for those aged up to 25 with a learning disability.  

As well as both Council and voluntary sector youth work, it will look at sport, leisure, music, arts and culture, parks and open spaces. The review includes Council provision, as well as what is on offer from the voluntary and community sector, and will explore opportunities to extend our work with cultural organisations – including those who already support local youth programmes or work with schools.  

Young people are at the centre of the review and will co-design the new offer, with wide engagement due to reach at least 2,000 children and young people through a range of surveys and workshops over the summer. Engagement with voluntary sector partners and Council staff in the Integrated Youth Support Service will also take place.

Online survey

Young people are invited to respond to an online survey here and be entered in a prize draw for the chance to win a £50 voucher. The aim is to develop a clearer and more accessible Camden Youth Offer that builds on the strengths of Camden’s high-quality and well-funded provision but which has a clearer and broader set of services and opportunities for young people to choose from - showing them what’s on offer, where it is and when it’s on.

Cllr Abdul Hai, Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Young People, Equalities and Cohesion
The borough-wide review of Camden’s Youth Offer gives all young people in Camden the chance to shape our future services, opportunities and support. I want the new youth offer to be sustainable in the long-term and for it to be part of the recovery for a generation who have been disadvantaged by COVID-19.
I am very proud of Camden’s successes as a borough and the passion for work with young people across many different organisations. I would like young people to help us to build on those strengths, including the new ways of doing things that we’ve created because of lockdown.
The review is taking place over the next few months, and it will look at what’s on offer across youth clubs, leisure and sports, arts and culture, parks and open spaces, when things are on, how easy they are to access and how good the facilities are. I really want to understand about anything that is getting in the way of young people taking part and gather ideas about what needs to be improved so that everyone feels welcome.
The review will happen through a mix of surveys, face-to-face workshops and fun activities to get people involved and talking: everyone’s voice will be heard.
Cllr Abdul Hai, Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Young People, Equalities and Cohesion

Have your say in our easy-to-complete online survey, if you are aged 12 to 18: