Young people get their shout

Young people aged 13 to 19 got their shout at a half-day youth conference in Camden when they were joined by TV presenter and author Rick Edwards.

Camden Shout Out was organised by the Council’s youth service, Youth MP Hannah Morris, the Youth Council and Youth Action Groups to give young people the chance to discuss issues that are important to them, ranging from crime, jobs and youth democracy to local services for young people, health and wellbeing. 

The event, held at UCL Academy in Swiss Cottage on 7 April 2015, was also aimed at encouraging eligible young people to vote in the forthcoming General Election as well as participate in next year’s Camden Youth MP election.

A series of workshops at Camden Shout Out covered:

  • Gang-related crime and disorder
  • Healthy relationships
  • Jobs
  • Body image
  • Youth homelessness
  • Services for young people in times of reduced resources
  • London Living Wage
  • Voting and votes at 16.

The Council and other local organisations also ran stalls to give young people more information about services, such as libraries, health advice, employment and training support.

Camden’s Youth MP Hannah Morris said: “The Shout Out event gave the young people of Camden the chance to get involved and have a say in their local community.

"All 18 year-olds should use their vote in the General Election as the decisions of those elected will have a major impact on everyone’s lives, including young people. However, because too few young people actually use their vote, politicians pay less attention to their interests and needs and concentrate more on the older generations who do use their votes, such as pensioners. Politicians won’t change their agenda to include our needs unless we use our say.”

Shout Out was open to young people aged 13 to 19 (up to 25 with disabilities) who attend a Camden school or youth project or live in Camden.