World Environment Day and Sustainers Fest – Camden Students tackling the Climate Crisis

On 5 June, Camden along with many other boroughs and regions nationally and internationally recognised World Environment Day.

World Environment Day 2022 is the biggest international day for the environment. Led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and held annually since 1973. This year’s focus was living sustainably in harmony with nature.

Recently in Camden, local students attended Sustainers Fest organised by Camden Council and Think and Do Camden. The event was hosted by Samsung KX and sponsored by local business partnership Urban Partners and local business Google.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet member for a Sustainable Camden

“Put simply the climate crisis is one of the most urgent issues facing our planet.

“We are proud of our record on climate action in Camden, however, we need to go further and faster to protect our planet and future generations. We can only do this by working closely with residents and organisations across the borough, and our students, as the future of our borough, play an important part in this.”

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet member for a Sustainable Camden

Following on from the Schools Summit in November where the Camden School Climate Charter was launched, Sustainers Fest was an opportunity to give students a platform to use their voice on the climate crisis, encouraging them to think critically and to be morally and socially responsible citizens.

77 students from seven Camden secondary schools from year 7 to 12 took part in a world café session that had been designed around the charter commitments, to help them think about ideas and solutions that they could apply at school but also at home.

Topics covered included climate justice, single-use plastic, food, energy and the built environment, fashion and waste, clean air and transport, rewilding and biodiversity, as well as student-led zone facilitated by Parliament Hill students on how to galvanise climate action in schools and set up an eco-group.

By continuing to work closely with students and teachers, the aim is to have all schools signed to the Camden School Climate Charter and working towards the 2030 net zero ambition. There are currently 23 signatories.

A student from University College School said:

 “I enjoyed speaking to other students in Camden with similar aims and goals for sustainability in our respective school. It would be great to have even more time next time to explore and discuss the different zones.”

A student from Camden School for Girls said:

“I liked how engaged everyone was and being able to understand how they made it to their career as it gave me insight into jobs that have a helpful impact on climate change and sustainability.”

A student from Hampstead School said:

“My favourite part about Sustainers Fest was realising that our ideas could have an impact.”

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