Will you join our Community Toilet Scheme?

We are looking to go in to partnership with local businesses that are prepared to contribute to the community by allowing the public to use their facilities during normal opening hours, without the need to buy goods or services.

We’d welcome interest from anywhere in the borough, but especially from businesses in Kilburn and Kentish Town, and the areas in and around West End Lane, South End Green and Pond Square.

The Council will pay an annual fee to members of up to £750 (including VAT), and promote your business locally and online.

Erdem, from Pedro’s café, Kentish Town is a retailer who has joined the scheme and said: “We’ve seen people come in to use the toilet come back to be customers!”

To apply for membership and to discuss this, or sponsoring a toilet, please contact James Dunlop by email to publictoilets@camden.gov.uk or over the phone on 020 7974 7141.

Further information can be found at camden.gov.uk/publictoilets