We’ve improved the way we provide council homes

We’ve made changes to who gets priority for council homes. The old system wasn’t working and you wanted us to make it fairer.

The new scheme has been launched this week. The changes we’ve made will make applying for housing fairer and help keep Camden’s diverse communities together by giving greater priority to local people.

Our new register will make the way we work more efficient too, enabling us to improve how we support Camden families in need of housing. The scheme will see more children from overcrowded housing to be rehoused into a home of the right size.

We’re making applying for housing easier, through a new version of the online application form. We’re also making bidding easier through an improved Home Connections website and brand new bidding app.

These vital changes will improve how we deliver council and housing association homes to our residents most in need of housing.

For more information, such as a summary of the new scheme and frequently asked questions visit, or call 020 7974 4444.