Trial of West End’s first walking and cycling street

We have introduced a trial that will temporarily change the traffic routes through the Bloomsbury area. The aim is to make more space for cyclists and safer and more attractive streets for everyone.

Changes have taken place on Torrington Place/Byng Place/Gordon Square/Tavistock Square between Tottenham Court Road and Judd Street and we have also introduced changes to where loading is allowed. Works for the trial took place between 6 and 23 November. 

As well as being home to a number of residents, students and businesses these streets make up one of London’s busiest cycling routes.

The trial responds to feedback and concerns about too much traffic which we received during the West End project consultation.

Once the new arrangements are established, we will ask people to formally tell us what they think.

The trial will be in place for a year, during which time we will make a decision on whether to make the changes permanent.

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Report on Torrington Place to Tavistock Place Experimental Traffic Changes

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