Wendling and St Stephen’s Close Estate regeneration ballot set for early summer

A ballot that will ask residents if they are in favour of the proposed redevelopment of the Wendling and St Stephen’s Close Estate will open on June 21st, 2021.

The redevelopment proposals have been made together with residents living on the estate and include building a new home for every household.

At least two weeks ahead of the ballot opening residents will receive their Landlord Offer, which will set out the council’s regeneration commitments that they will be asked to vote on. This has been developed alongside a resident steering group and in consultation with the estate. 

The Offer will set out the vision, priorities and objectives of the estate’s regeneration and include information on; the design principles, number of new homes, tenure mix, proposed infrastructure and the council’s commitment to continued open and transparent consultation and engagement.

In July 2019 the council’s Cabinet agreed on a complete regeneration of Wendling and St Stephen’s Close Estate, subject to a vote in favour by residents through a ballot and a business case coming back to Cabinet afterwards.

Since then the council has carried out extensive consultation and engagement, working in partnership with residents to shape the Landlord Offer and ensure that it reflects their aspirations for the estate.

Resident-led regeneration

A survey held among residents over July and August 2020 found that 78% of residents were in favour of a complete regeneration, which would see the existing homes and buildings on the estate demolished so that a mix of modern, high-quality social rent homes and community facilities can be built for existing and new residents.

The estate was built in the 1960s and the regeneration will address long standing issues such as low energy efficiency, common defects with leaks, blockages and heating systems, overcrowding and a poor estate layout - which fails to deter antisocial behaviour and disconnects the estate from the surrounding streets.

In order to address these issues, proposals for the regeneration are set to include:

  • Between 650 and 750 spacious and modern new homes, including replacement of existing homes
  • No loss of council homes and at least 40% of the new homes will be genuinely affordable homes, including new council homes and homes available at Camden Living Rent
  • Design principles for all homes that include a larger floor area, modern kitchens, more storage, improved accessibility, secure common areas and access to a private balcony, terrace, or garden for every home
  • New community facilities, shops and open spaces including communal gardens, play space and safer streets with improved connections and accessibility
Cllr Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy
"Over the past two years we have been working in close partnership with Wendling and St Stephen’s Close residents to carefully develop and tailor the plans for their estate in order to deliver the fit-for-purpose, modern homes that are desperately needed and to address specific local issues that residents have told us about such as overcrowding and anti-social behaviour.

"We know that a good development hinges on a genuine understanding of our communities and we are committed to involving local people in every aspect. This approach will not end at the ballot.

"Saying ‘yes’ to this regeneration will be just the beginning and we will work side-by-side with residents – as we have done across all of our Community Investment Programme proposals - on the designs for their estate, the layout of their new homes and to shape their new open spaces and community facilities.

"Our West Kentish Town ballot received one of the highest turnouts ever seen for an estate regeneration ballot in London and we are determined to achieve a high turnout for this ballot, taking every step along the way to ensure that residents feel ready to make an informed choice when the ballot opens in June.

"This is the opportunity for residents to shape the future of their estate and yes or no, we will respect the decision they make."
Cllr Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy


Ballot registration

A letter will be sent to all eligible households on the estate in April with a list of eligible voters at that address.

Anyone who is named on the letter will not need to register and can vote when the ballot opens on June 21st.

Any residents that are not listed on the letter, but believe that they are eligible to vote, will be asked to follow the instructions in their letter to contact Civica – who are holding the ballot.

Civica Election Services have administered elections and ballots for over 100 years, including every estate regeneration ballot held in London to date.

How to vote

The ballot will open on June 21st and close at 5pm on July 15th.

The ballot is posted to residents. Once the ballot is received, residents will then have the option to vote by:

  • Post, using the pre-paid envelope provided with the ballot
  • Online, using their unique security access code provided with the ballot
  • Or, at a centrally positioned ballot box - subject to social distancing rules at the time

Translation and interpreter services, larger print documents, a signing service and additional accessibility support will also be offered to residents.