Wendling and St Stephens Close Estate ballot: Residents vote ‘Yes’ to new homes and redevelopment

Regeneration of the Wendling and St Stephens Close Estate took a major step forward, as 75% of residents voted in favour of new homes for their estate.

There was a very high turnout for the ballot, with 72% of eligible residents turned out to have their say. The overwhelming majority putting their trust in the Council to deliver regeneration for the estate. In total there were 201 votes cast, 151 ‘Yes’ votes and 50 ‘No’ votes.

The ballot ran from June 21st to July 15th and gave residents the opportunity to vote online, by post, or at a ballot box on the estate.

Between 650 and 750 spacious and modern new homes will be built, a minimum of 40% of which will be genuinely affordable including new council homes and homes available at Camden Living Rent. This will include larger family council homes to help end overcrowding. 

Residents were asked to vote on the council’s Landlord Offer, developed after two years of extensive engagement with residents and a resident-led steering group, which set out the community’s aspirations and priorities for the estate, the design principles and the council’s commitments on the regeneration, ongoing consultation and engagement.

Cllr Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy
We know that good development hinges on a genuine understanding of our communities. That is why we’ve always worked hard to involve local people in every aspect of our Community Investment Programme proposals, giving our communities the space to tell us what they need and ensuring that they are the focus from design through to delivery.

We have been clear from the beginning that we would only move forward with these proposals with the backing of residents and so it’s fantastic to see them turn out to overwhelmingly vote ‘yes.’ I would like to thank everyone who voted and for time that residents have given to this over the last two years.

This vote is beyond doubt. Residents have spoken and clearly said yes, they want new homes and redevelopment and I’ve heard time and time again from estate residents here they want us to move forward.  This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the estate and, as we approach the next stage of the redevelopment process, we will continue to work closely will all residents, including those who voted ‘no,’ to understand their concerns and work together on the estate designs, the layout of their new homes and to shape their new green spaces and community facilities.

The area has so many families and children who desperately need new homes and so it’s exciting to now be able to take a big step forward towards the delivery of vital new council homes for residents.
Cllr Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy

The Wendling and St Stephens Close Estate was built in the 1960s and the regeneration will address long standing issues such as low energy efficiency, common defects with leaks, blockages and heating systems, overcrowding and a poor estate layout - which has failed to deter antisocial behaviour and disconnects the estate from the surrounding streets.

To address these issues, the regeneration is set to include:

  • Between 650 and 750 spacious and modern new homes, including replacement of existing homes, each with the space needed for previously overcrowded families to grow and thrive
  • No loss of council homes and at least 40% of the new homes will be genuinely affordable homes, including new council homes and homes available at Camden Living Rent
  • Design principles for all homes that include a larger floor area, modern kitchens, more storage, improved accessibility, secure common areas and access to a private balcony, terrace, or garden for every home
  • New community facilities, shops and open spaces including communal gardens, play space and safer streets with improved connections and accessibility.

Now residents have voted ‘Yes’, architects will be appointed to start drawing up illustrative designs for the new estate. Residents will continue to be involved and engaged throughout this process, helping to shape their homes and where they live.

The new estate will be the latest expansion of the Community Investment Programme, which has built 950 new homes and provided new council homes to over 1,000 residents, including 447 children, many of whom previously live in overcrowded homes.

The programme has also delivered some of the most energy efficient homes in the UK – helping residents cut their fuel bills and carbon emissions – and has built three new school buildings, two community centres and refurbished two homeless hostels.

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