Water way to clean up Camden!

Camden councillors joined resident and plastic waste campaigner Dhruv Boruah as he cleared up a Camden stretch of Regent’s Canal this morning – on his homemade floating bike!

Leader of Camden Councillor Georgia Gould and Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for Improving Camden's Environment, saw a broken bucket, plastic sheets and drinks cartons fished out as part of the canal clean-up near Granary Square.

Dhruv said: “We’re talking about the oceans, think Blue Planet 2, and the microplastics breaking down - but the plastic even on the canal is breaking down into bits and pieces.

“In the summer it’s going to be even more visible, lots of people visiting the area having a good time and you have all the plastic bags, polystyrene packets, plastic glasses for beer and coffee. From the canal it goes to the river, from there it’s the North Sea and the ocean.”

Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council
We all have responsibility to keep Camden clean and think about how we dispose of our waste and recycling. Dhruv’s found a novel way to clean up the canal and raise the important issue of plastic waste.

“There’s so much we can all do without leaving our own homes. We currently only recycle 25% of an average rubbish bin in Camden – even though 85% is recyclable. By making full use of the weekly recycling collection we provide, you can help make Camden greener, make your street more tidy and help us save money we can spend on other services for residents.
Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council


The following items can be placed loose inside your green recycling container:

  • Paper – newspaper, telephone directories, envelopes and office paper
  • Plastic – pots, tubs, trays and bottles
  • Metal – tins, cans, foil and aerosols
  • Cardboard – plain, corrugated and cereal boxes
  • Glass – bottles and jars

You can find out more about recycling in Camden on our website.

Please note: Dhruv is permitted to collect plastic from the canal and is experienced in doing so. Please do not try to replicate this yourselves or sail on the canal without permission.