Turning the heat up on cold callers during London Trading Standards Week

We’re launching a new anti-fraud scheme this week to combat cold calling scams.

Our No cold calling zone aims to help protect the borough’s residents from doorstep scammers.

These criminals target residents by making false claims about gas and water leaks.

They try to pressure people into having unnecessary repairs made to their properties including roof repairs and gardening services - which they then massively overcharge for.

Doorstep scammers also use fake identification to gain access to peoples’ homes so that they can attempt to steal their belongings.

The No cold calling zone will run in Haverstock, a problem area for cold calling scams, from Wednesday 27 September. It will go live during London Trading Standards Week (25-29 Sept).

New street signs will advise traders they are not allowed to knock on doors to sell goods and services. Ignoring the signs will be a criminal offence.

We’re launching the scheme in partnership with the Metropolitan police and Which? Trusted Trader.

What you can do to help combat cold caller scams

Saying no to uninvited sellers or traders coming to your door is one of the best defences against these scammers. Or only agreeing to meet a business in your home if someone can be with you during the appointment. Reputable traders will not insist on cash payments.

You can report your concerns to Citizens Advice on 03454 04 05 06, and also check the reputable traders listed on Which? Trusted Traders.

For more tips see our 10 steps for staying safe at home

More information

The ‘No Cold Calling Zone’ will cover parts of the Haverstock Ward and include Grafton Terrace, Herbert Street, Thurlow Terrace and Quadrant Grove.

The zone is being sponsored by Which? Trusted Traders. Traders will be carefully vetted by qualified trading standards officers, background checks will be undertaken and a full audit carried out on the business to ensure compliance.