Trial of West End’s first walking and cycling street

Camden Council is introducing a 12 month trial of traffic changes on London’s busiest cycling corridor including Torrington Place, Byng Place, Gordon Square, Tavistock Square and Tavistock Place.

Works to give more space for cycling and a better environment for people walking will take place between 6 and 23 November and will include the closure of the street to westbound motor traffic.

Recent surveys have shown that the corridor suffers from a number of issues which include lack space on the cycle tracks to meet existing demand, narrow pavements and poor crossings for pedestrians.

Because of the width of the road it is not possible to provide more space for walking and cycling without significantly reducing the space available for motor traffic. The trial gives the opportunity to test a potential solution to these issues.

Councillor Phil Jones, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport & Planning
“I am delighted that this innovative trial is going ahead, Camden is leading the way in making our streets safer and more attractive to people who don’t cycle and safer for the increasing numbers who do. Encouraging more people to cycle is a key objective for Camden Council helping reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and improve the health of our residents, visitors and workers.

“This corridor hosts some of the UK’s finest cultural and academic institutions including the University of London Bloomsbury Colleges and the British Museum generating large numbers of walking and cycling journeys. At peak times over 2,500 pedestrians an hour and 1,000 cyclists an hour use these streets. 

“The trial will transform the street - doubling the space for cycling which will improve conditions for existing cyclists, while also encouraging new cyclists. Removing westbound traffic will also make the streets a more pleasant environment for pedestrians, with improved air quality and streets that are easier and safer to cross.”
Councillor Phil Jones, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Transport & Planning