Train to be a healthcare assistant for free with Communities Into Training and Employment

Want to work in the NHS? But can’t get past the application stage? CITE can help.

Join CITE's free pre-employment training healthcare assistant programme and gain the knowledge and skills you need for a successful application.

You will get BTEC Level 1 award in preparing to work in Adult social care and receive specialised support with the recruitment and application process.

Upon completion of the CITE programme, you will be given tailored support in completing and submitting your application for various Healthcare Assistant roles situated in south London boroughs, providing that you meet the course completion criteria.

Candidates must:

  • have a caring nature, be compassionate and share the right values
  • communicate well and clearly understand the role
  • be aware of shifts patterns and hours
  • be physically fit, as lots of lifting and heavy work is involved, even with hoists etc. (age has no bearing, providing candidate is physically capable)


  • Two week training programme prior to working in a clinical setting and a local induction to familiarise yourself with your department and role
  • Will be assigned a 'buddy' to help transition into the role
  • Days/nights, bank holidays, 24/7 flexibility in regards to shifts
  • 12 hour shifts (8am-8pm, 8pm-8am)
  • Smoking policy - no official smoking breaks, so have to use tea and lunch breaks.
  • Dress code: no offensive tattoos, outrageous hair colours or facial piercings.