Tottenham Court Road changing to two way this Easter


A key milestone in the West End Project’s (WEP) programme will be achieved this Easter, when Tottenham Court Road becomes two way for vehicles on Saturday 20 April.

As the largest transformational scheme in the borough, the WEP is changing not just how people travel in the Tottenham Court Road area, but how it looks and feels. Issues, which have affected the area for some time, are being addressed, including traffic congestion, road safety, a lack of public open space and poor air quality.

Major transformation will take place as Tottenham Court Road becomes two way to traffic, improving journey times, reducing congestion and making bus journeys less confusing. All buses will be moved to Tottenham Court Road and, for the first year, the new southbound lane will be open to buses and cyclists only - 24 hours a day.

By the end of 2019, Tottenham Court Road will also see the delivery of new local green spaces and restoration of the much-loved Fitzrovia mural. The council will also be creating a new diagonal road crossing at Tottenham Court Road tube station in the spring of 2020, which will greatly improve the pedestrian flow in the area.

Once the project is fully completed in spring 2020, areas of the southbound lane on Tottenham Court Road will open to traffic and there will be sections of both the north and southbound lanes restricted to buses and cyclists only between 8am and 7pm Monday to Saturday.

Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for Improving Camden's Environment said:

“This will improve the area for pedestrians and cyclists, and make bus journeys less confusing and more efficient.

“All buses will use Tottenham Court Road from the afternoon of Easter Saturday and it is important to note that there will no longer be any buses serving Gower Street and Bloomsbury Street. This will make bus journeys more efficient and you will be able to get on and off your bus on the same street, facilitated by the new bus stops along Tottenham Court Road.

“Switching to two way is a major change for Tottenham Court Road and we are working hard to make sure that people are aware of the positive impact on the journeys they make and the importance of being prepared for this change.

“Crucially I would like to remind pedestrians the important need to look both ways when crossing Tottenham Court Road following these changes.”

As well as the changes to the road layout, all the other associated Tottenham Court Road improvements will also be finished at this time, so pedestrians can enjoy the widened pavement and the fully restored historic Grade II listed lampposts – which were the very first electric street lighting anywhere in London.

David Hughes, TfL’s Director of Investment Delivery Planning, said:

“The Mayor’s Healthy Streets programme is making London’s streets more attractive, accessible and people-friendly, encouraging Londoners and visitors to walk, shop and enjoy their streets.

“We’re pleased to see that our funding has helped Camden Council move on to the next phase of its West End Project, as traffic switches to two-way operation over Easter. I’d like to encourage local residents and visitors to take extra care once the switchover is complete, as people and traffic get used to the new layout.”

Phil Skegg, Managing Director at Eurovia Contracting, said:

“We are delighted to have completed the first phase of the scheme which will transform the Tottenham Court Road area, making it safer and more attractive for residents, boosting business and creating new public spaces for the community and visitors to enjoy.”

There may be some short-term localised disruption whilst these changes are being implemented and commuters and motorists are advised to check online at: before they travel.

A map showing how vehicles can travel from Easter is available on the council’s website:

Businesses on Tottenham Court Road will be able to use the new loading bays now installed. There is a guide for businesses and delivery drivers on the council’s website

The new bus stops along Tottenham Court Road are situated between:

  • University Street and Capper Street
  • Torrington Place and Chenies Street
  • Bayley Street and Bedford Avenue

The bus stops on the northbound side remain in the same locations but please be aware that the bus stop at Percy Street and Windmill Street has been permanently removed.