Torrington Place / Tavistock Place route consultation closes Friday 21 October

Don't miss your chance to have your say on the Torrington Place / Tavistock Place route 

Since Monday 12 September we have been consulting to help us decide whether or not the current traffic trial along the route that includes Torrington Place, Byng Place, Gordon Square, Tavistock Square and Tavistock Place should be made permanent or return to its former, pre-trial layout.

The consultation will close on Friday 21 October 2016.

In 2015 the Torrington Place / Tavistock Place route was the busiest street for cycling in Camden and one of the busiest in London. The previous two-way cycling lane had become overcrowded, causing safety problems for cyclists and pedestrians.

So, in November last year, we introduced a trial that temporarily changed traffic along this route. The main two-way vehicle road was replaced with a one-way system and the previous two-way cycling lane was replaced with single cycling lanes on either side of the road.

If the trial layout is made permanent, improvements will be made, such as wider pavements, stepped cycle tracks and, where possible, new trees and other planting. If the trial is not made permanent, the street will return to its former, pre-trial layout, with two traffic lanes and a single, two-way cycle track.

Feedback received and data collected during the trial, along with the results of the consultation, will be considered when making a decision about the street layout.

Find out more:

Read or download the supporting document which contains detailed information to the consultation. You can find this:

  • On the first page of the consultation page in the 'Related Documents' section
  • By requesting a copy of the supporting document from [email protected]
  • By picking up a copy of the document at Holborn and Pancras Square libraries between 12 September and 21 October.
  • You can also visit our website for further information.

Have your say by:

  • Completing the online survey
  • Filling in a printed version of the questionnaire (available at Holborn and Pancras Square libraries) or by request from [email protected]

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