Thursday 11 April 2019 - The latest news and updates from the Chalcots Estate

Dear resident

Your replacement windows: tilt and turn inwards

We have now made the decision that your windows will be replaced with the window we called option 3 in our windows engagement last summer – tilt and turn inwards.

Safety was always our highest priority when choosing a window for your estate. We also took into consideration the feedback you gave us at the engagement events last year, and this is the window option that best meets what you told us is most important to you: letting in fresh air, keeping people inside safe and keeping out noise.

The council chose this option after extensive work with technical experts and safety officers found that this is the safest window and also the one that gives you the most comfort, choice and control over the temperature and ventilation in your home.

Our biggest priority is your safety

When we committed to replace the windows and curtain wall at the Chalcots Estate, we set out our commitment to ensure the highest standards of safety for our residents.

Safety remains our top priority in delivering the programme of works and we have been clear that we are setting a gold standard of safety at the Chalcots. We made the decision to replace the cladding on the estate with an A1 rated cladding system which is the highest safety option available, and we will be doing the same for your windows.

Changes to some of your windowsills and radiators

Since Wates joined our design team in January we have been working closely with them and our technical experts on design details. It is the role of the design team to remove all possible risk from the proposed cladding, curtain wall and window system. The design team found that to ensure the safety of residents, replacement windows across the estate would need a lowered windowsill for any window that opens wider than 10cm.

Your window will still open at the same height. You can see diagrams of the lowered windowsill in this leaflet. Lowering the windowsill will mean that there is a reduced risk of accidents as it increases the distance between the windowsill and the window opening to 1.1 metres. This is the safest option for people inside and outside of flats and also allows enough fresh air into your home.

The lowered windowsill is likely to affect the placement of radiators in your living room and bedroom. The final design for the windowsill and radiators has not been agreed yet, and we have asked Wates to look at all design options to reduce the impact on your living space. Wates will meet with you in your homes to find out how you currently use this space and to try and find options that work for you in your flat, for example finding the best place in the affected rooms for your radiators.

Next steps

When we have more detail on the full window unit including the windowsills and how it will work with your radiators, we will be holding an event where you can meet with council safety officers and technical experts, ask any questions you may have and try out a full sized working model of your windows with the lowered sill. We will confirm the date of the event in the Chalcots newsletter.

The works to replace the windows, cladding and curtain wall will ensure the highest standard of safety at the Chalcots Estate. Thank you to all residents for your patience with the design process and for taking the time to tell us your views on your replacement windows – your feedback has been vital to the progress of the works on your estate.

Yours faithfully

Gavin Haynes, Director Property Management

Mary McGowan, Director Housing Management