The latest news and updates from the Chalcots Estate – w/c 29 January 2018

Planning process underway

On Tuesday 30 January, we formally submitted a planning application for solid aluminium cladding panels for the Chalcots. This is open to a standard consultation process. Comments on the application must be submitted byThursday 22 February.

To comment on the application visit and search for application number 2018/0503/P. Alternatively, you can find a direct link to the application at 

You can find the report that helped inform cabinet member’s decision on the cladding replacement online at 

Cladding update 

We have now removed cladding panels from all of the Chalcots blocks. We wrote to residents of Taplow earlier in the week to inform them of a reduction to fire warden patrols in their block. All blocks now have a roving patrol around the base and through the communal areas. We will write to you should this level of cover change.

There are a small number of isolated panels remaining on Taplow, these are present where access to flats is required in order to allow safe removal. As these are isolated panels, they do not present any additional fire risk.

Independent review 

We remind residents that there is still time to feedback to chair of the independent review about the period of evacuation. She is looking for responses from residents from all five tower blocks. Please return your comments by midnight on Wednesday 14 February. You can respond online at

If you require an additional paper copy of the independent review feedback form, please contact [email protected] to request one.

Other news 

Investigations into the damaged windows at Blashford and Dorney are still ongoing. We are looking at short term and long term solutions should these investigations highlight a problem. We are doing this as a precautionary measure and cannot take a decision of what action to take until the investigations are complete. In the meantime, we remind residents not to open their windows beyond the 100mm restrictors, this is in the interests of your safety and the safety of anyone walking below your block.

We are looking for volunteers to take part in a research project to monitor temperature and humidity in flats on the Chalcots Estate. The research will help us assess risk of condensation and take preventive measures across the building where needed. If you volunteer, our energy advisors from the Well and Warm service will install temperature and humidity sensors in your flat. These sensors will remain in your flat taking readings for two years. Our advisors can also provide you with advice on their visit to help you keep warm and save on your energy bills. If you would like to participate you can register your interest by calling 020 7974 4444 (option 7) or emailing[email protected].

We have had reports of cold calling in the blocks. If someone knocks on your door suggesting that they work for the council or are a contractor, ask to see identification before allowing them access to your flat.

Dedicated floating support workers for the Chalcots Estate will be running weekly drop-in sessions at Swiss Cottage Library, starting Wednesday 7 February. If you need support, guidance or help accessing council services, come along to the 2nd floor café (wheelchair accessible) between 1pm and 5pm.

Feedback from TRA technical meeting, Wednesday 31 January 2018, present Blashford, Taplow, Burnham, Bray and Dorney

The TRA asked for an update on the investigations into the damaged windows. Camden responded that the investigations were still ongoing and reiterated that the windows should not be opened beyond the restrictors.

The TRA asked if the windows would be cleaned when works are finished. Camden said that the windows would be cleaned at the end of the works; however, contractors might clean the windows in the meantime.

The TRA asked when Camden would be catching up on works around the doors, such as the black and yellow tape. Camden said that works had not been completed on some of the doors and that these issues would be dealt with when the doors were signed off.

The TRA asked again for the sign off process for flat front doors. Camden reminded the TRA group again that tenants are given a sign off sheet when snagging or adjustment works have been undertaken. Residents should not sign off the door if they do not feel it is properly finished. Camden said that if any problems should arise after the sign off sheet had been completed, residents should let the Council know so that the issues could be resolved.

Camden informed the TRA that the planning application for the replacement cladding had been submitted on Tuesday. The TRA asked if residents could choose the colour of the cladding, Camden said unfortunately this was not possible, the Council was looking at a colour similar to that of the previous system and had taken into account the advice of planners and the architects. The TRA asked if the new cladding system would be A1 rated, Camden confirmed it would.

The TRAs asked about the smell from the solution used on the outside of the blocks. Camden reiterated that whilst the solution smells, it is not toxic. Kier have done tests that confirm this. The smell should dissipate fairly quickly