The latest news and updates from the Chalcots Estate – w/c 15 January 2018

Cladding update and cabinet decision

On Wednesday 24 January, councillors will make a final decision on the cladding replacement at a cabinet meeting that members of the public can attend. The meeting will also be live streamed and available to download

The report that will be used to inform the final cabinet decision was published on Wednesday 17 January. It is available for you to read online now. You can download the full report from

The report considers the options of using both the solid aluminium panels and the glass reinforced concrete. Both the solid aluminium panels and the glass reinforced concrete panels are made of material that will not burn. Officers have made the recommendation of solid aluminium panels following much work and consideration using technical advice. Cabinet members will make the final decision on the replacement option at the meeting.

Assuming cabinet members agree the decision recommended in the report, there is an estimated project timeline. This cannot be confirmed and is subject to the planning and procurement process. We will continue to keep you involved and updated.

Key milestone Estimated date
 Planning application submitted  January 2018
 Planning Committee approval  March 2018
 Procurement of contractor  June 2018
 Start on site  July 2018
 Completion of all works  August 2019

Housing options drop-in

On Thursday 25 January, we will be holding a special drop-in event for residents interested in moving home. Whether you are interested in moving within the local area, moving away from London or just want to swap homes with a neighbour on your estate, staff will be available to offer advice and support. The event will be held in the 2nd floor café area at Swiss Cottage Library, 2pm to 6pm.

At the event, specialist staff will be available with advice about:

o Housing applications
o Seaside and country homes
o Downsizing
o Sheltered housing
o Mutual exchange
o Intermediate rent
o Housing moves
o Private renting
o Homefinder UK
o Hostel pathways

Independent review

The chair of the independent review wants to hear from you. We encourage residents to share feedback and stories from the period of evacuation, including Blashford residents. The deadline for completing and returning your comments is midnight on Wednesday 14 February. You can respond online at communications-strategy-improvement/chalcots-independent-review.

Other news

All residents with estate car parking permits have now been offered a bay in one of the opened carparks. These are Taplow, Dorney and Blashford. This should ease the level of congestion in parking spaces around the Chalcots. If you have agreed to return to a carpark, then your on street permit is no longer valid and you will be ticketed.

For those who have opted to remain parked on street and not return to the car park, you must apply and pay for an on street permit as soon as possible. Details on how to do this are available online at

We remind all residents to check signage for on street parking restrictions and to be aware that some suspended bays are in place. If the signage has a large yellow suspension warning on it, please ensure you read the details before parking. Vehicles parked in suspended bays will be ticketed.

Starting on Wednesday 31 January, the dedicated Chalcots support workers will be running weekly drop-in sessions at the 2nd floor café in Swiss Cottage Library. Come along between 12pm and 5pm to access support and discuss any ongoing issues.Feedback from TRA technical meeting, Wednesday 17 January 2018, present Blashford, Taplow, Burnham, Bray and Dorney

The TRA group asked for an update on the damaged windows. Camden said the broken window on Dorney was being fixed and that a new window would need to be manufactured for the flat at Blashford. Camden noted that there seemed to be no technical issues with the windows, however they were still investigating this. Camden reminded the TRA that windows should not be opened beyond their restrictors, adding that any issues with windows (or any other issues inside flats) should be reported to Rydon immediately on 020 7288 8322.

Camden updated the TRA group on checks to front and communal doors. Camden said they had been asking tenants whether they were happy with their front door fitting before signing off. It was added that if tenants had issues with their door fittings after signing off they should contact Camden.

The TRA asked if all red or blue keys had now been changed. Camden said that any residents who still had red or blue keys would need to contact their Resident Liaison Officer to organise barrel replacement.

The TRA group asked when the lights above the front doors would be switched on again. Camden advised they would look into this, taking into account previous requests. The TRAs asked that this happen as quickly as possible.

The TRA raised concerns over parking and asked that the council work to resolve any issues.

It was asked if Bray could have bike sheds installed, it was also highlighted that there were access issues with the bike sheds at Taplow.

The TRA group discussed the possibility of regular meetings with the Director of Resident Safety. It was proposed that they could meet on a fortnightly basis. TRA safety meetings will begin in a few weeks’ time.