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Are you looking to employ an assistant to help with your care needs? CamdenPAs can help you. is a new service that makes it easy to find a personal assistant (PA) and puts you in control of your care and support.

If you have care needs, you can employ a PA to help you to live as independently as possible.

PAs can carry out a wide range of tasks, as agreed with you, to help with things such as washing, getting dressed, cooking, and supporting you to go out and about.

CamdenPAs features an online ‘marketplace’ for you to browse through a list of profiles of PAs in the borough. Profiles give details about the services they provide, their skills, experience and personal interests.

You can look through the list to find suitable matches and choose someone you like to help support you.

When you find a match you can contact the PA to arrange an interview and see how you get on. If you like them you can then work out contract details such as hours, duties and wages, and hire them.

If you do not find anyone suitable, you can set up your own a profile describing your requirements and interests, for PAs to look through and contact you.

You can employ a PA whether you receive a direct payment or fund your own care. If you receive direct payments you can get support with the employment process from Personalised Support In Camden or AgeUK Camden.

Become a PA
If you’re a PA looking for work or are just starting out, CamdenPAs can help you.

As well as helping you finding a job, the site features advice on looking for work, becoming a PA and where to get training.

Why not set up your profile today?

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