Tackling fuel poverty in Camden [VIDEO]

Find out how to tackle fuel poverty with our new infographic.

Friday 26 February is Fuel Poverty Awareness day, a nationwide campaign run by National Energy Action with the aim to raise awareness of the problem and the solutions available.

To coincide, today we are re-launching our fuel poverty infographic which outlines the main causes and effects of fuel poverty and what we are doing to tackle the issue in Camden.

Keeping well and warm at home

Keeping your home warm over the colder months can be difficult, especially if you are worried about high energy bills. Green Camden has a wide range of advice and support services to help keep you well and warm in your home.

Your first step to a warmer home is to call the free-phone Green Camden Helpline. The team provide advice and tips on saving energy, changing fuel tariff/ suppliers, dealing with fuel debt and more. They can also check your eligibility for any services or financial support available to help keep your home warm, such as the Well and Warm home energy advice visit service or energy efficiency grants for home owners/ private tenants.

You can call the Green Camden Helpline for free on 0800 801 738 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

Here are a few simple ways you can keep warm and start saving money today:

  • Check to see is a cheaper fuel tariff is available ( the average saving is £200)
  • Set your heating and hot water controls to only come on when needed
  • Close your curtains at night to keep the heat in your home

Find out more

Visit our Green Camden web pages for more tips and advice on how to keep well and warm or call the Green Camden Helpline on 0800 801 738.