Stay safe in the sun this week

The met office has issued a level 3 heatwave alert, with temperatures set to reach 35 degrees Celsius between 9am on Wednesday 1 July and 9am on Thursday 2 July in parts of England.

The heat could bring potential health issues and we are encouraging residents to take sensible precautions to avoid problems caused by the rise in temperature.

Follow these simple steps to stay safe this week:

  • Carry a water bottle with you and ensure you stay hydrated with lots of soft drinks
  • Use a sunscreen containing at least SPF 15 when outside and reapply regularly
  • Sit in the shade rather than the direct sun
  • Wear loose clothing to protect you from sunburn
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses, and cover up your ears and the back of your neck
  • Keep windows facing the sun closed during the day, and open to let in air at night

As well as ensuring your own safety, please look out for those around you who may need extra help, such as older or vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours, to make sure they are keeping cool and drinking plenty of fluids.

For members of the Muslim community who may be fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, it is important to balance food and fluid intake between fasts and especially to drink enough water. During hot weather, dehydration is a common and serious risk.

Please continue to check the met office website for further heatwave updates.

Further advice from the NHS about being prepared in the hot weather is also available.