Stay safe - don't give your bank details away

Remember never to give your bank account details to anyone without being absolutely sure that it’s safe.

Our trading standards team has been alerted to fraudsters operating in Camden. Residents have been receiving calls from a person claiming to be a police officer investigating suspicious transactions on their bank accounts.

This is a type of fraud known as a ‘courier scam’ where fraudsters telephone potential victims claiming to be from their bank, police or other enforcement agency. They reassure the victim by asking them to telephone their bank or police. The telephone line is kept open at their end so the victim is connected straight back to the fraudster who will pretend to be from their bank or the police and take them through some ‘security questions.’

When the name, address and PIN number are given they will arrange to send a courier to collect the bank card which can then be used fraudulently.

Remember you bank or police will never ask for your personal bank details. If you are suspicious call the police or our trading standards team.

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