Start swimming in Camden

If you’re one of the many people who would love to swim but don’t know where to start, now is the ideal time of year to take advantage of what Camden has to offer.

Swimming is a fun way to keep active regardless of your age or ability, and it’s affordable.

Our leisure centres have lots of free and low cost options and a range of concessionary prices through the Better memberships for students, older people and people on low incomes.

We also run swimming lessons in all four of our leisure centres. These include Kentish Town Sports Centre, Oasis Sports Centre and Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre as well as our brand new centre, Pancras Square Leisure, so why not try it out?

Melissa’s story

Melissa Rama is carer to a child with special needs who loves playing in water but she couldn’t swim so her employer encouraged her to have swimming lessons.

Melissa said: “Swimming in the deep end used to scare and intimidate me, yet now thanks to Camden swimming lessons, I have overcome this fear. I am now a confident swimmer in the pool and the sea at any depth.

“After just a few sessions at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, I learned so much, including different swimming strokes, proper breathing techniques, floating and more.

“If you can’t swim yet, I’d definitely encourage you to start lessons to help you enjoy a new healthy lifestyle.”

Charlie says

Charlie Stephenson attends the adult improver sessions for intermediate swimmers at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, which he started last year.

“I signed up for the London Triathlon early last year but I couldn’t swim so I decided to have lessons,” he said. “I was scared at first as I hadn’t had any lessons since being at school and had a fear of water then.

“After receiving the lessons this gave me a lot of confidence and my technique and stamina have improved. The teacher I have had has really inspired me and has given me the confidence I needed.”

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