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Share your views on Voluntary and Community Sector support

We have launched a formal consultation to consider how Camden’s Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations can be best supported in the future.

Voluntary and community organisations play a central role in improving the lives of local people in the borough and we want to continue to support them as best we can to meet our residents’ and communities’ needs. However, due to our significant financial challenge, we are carefully considering how to deliver services differently going forward – including support to the VCS.

The proposal

Over the past few months we have worked with the sector to arrive at a proposal for future support which will see us continue to invest £5.1 million, while making a crucial saving of £700,000 from the current arrangement.

The proposal includes creating two pots of money aimed at targeting funding to areas of Camden with the highest levels of need and deprivation. It also outlines a new way of working with the sector to solve social problems.

Despite the reduction in funding, the proposal represents one of the largest packages of investment and support anywhere in the UK, offering funding security for seven years – unheard of in the voluntary sector, particularly in the current context.

The consultation survey

We want to hear views from both the organisations themselves and the people they help before a final decision is made at the Cabinet meeting in December.

You can complete the survey online at:

The consultation will close on 4 November 2015.