Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Don’t be silent about sexual abuse – this week individuals and organisations are uniting to say #itsnotok

The awareness week, coordinated by organisations including the NSPCC, Rape Crisis and The Survivors Trust, wants to get people talking more about sexual abuse to break down the silence and stigma that can surround it.

In England and Wales, approximately 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped every year – that's roughly 11 every hour. However, only around 15% of people who experience sexual violence will report it to the police. The awareness week aims to highlight the support available to victims of abuse, so anyone who needs help knows what local services are available to them.

Talk to us

Camden Safety Net is our dedicated support service for anyone living, working or studying in Camden. Our trained advisors are here to listen and talk through the available options if you have experienced sexual abuse or violence. They can also help connect anyone who wants further help with specialist services, such as rape crisis and sexual assault referral centres. If you aren’t sure whether what you have experienced is sexual abuse, please talk to us. We will listen in confidence and it will be your decision if you want to report what has happened.

Campaigning for support

Raising awareness of the signs of abuse, and of Camden Safety Net’s services, has been the focus of our series of know campaigns over the past three years. Throughout this week, our campaign video for know you’re not alone will be shown at a selection of cinemas, and venues across the borough will be displaying posters highlighting the contact details for Camden Safety Net. Our hope is that we can ignite conversation around the issue and reach anyone who needs our help.

Find out more:

Join in the conversation on social media with the official hashtag for the awareness week #itsnotok and the hashtag from our Camden Safety Net campaign #KnowYoureNotAlone.

If you are experiencing sexual abuse or violence, or know someone who is, contact Camden Safety Net.