Saturday GP appointments for south Camden patients

Patients from 14 GP surgeries in south Camden, who find it difficult to attend appointments during normal opening hours, can now book to see a GP or nurse on a Saturday.

The service is funded by Camden Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and delivered by the Camden GP Federation.

Dzenana Hozic, from Bloomsbury, was one of the first patients to be seen by the Saturday service.

Dzenana said: “I called my surgery at 5pm on Friday and was offered an appointment the next day. It’s brilliant being able to see a GP on a Saturday – it means I’ve avoided a visit to the urgent care centre”.

Patients make an appointment in the usual way through their GP surgery. All consultations take place at South Camden Centre for Health on Drummond Street between 9am and 5pm each Saturday.

Shira Rotem, from Bloomsbury, visited the service on 6 February.

Shira said: “I think it’s great. My GP doesn’t do Saturday appointments and I work during the week. When you are sick you don’t want to wait a week to be seen – being able to come on a Saturday really helps”.

Similar Saturday services are coming soon in north and west Camden.

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