Ridding the borough of litter louts and dog mess

Camden councillor Sally Gimson delivered a warning to litter louts to pick up their trash as she led the way with her litter picker and pink dog poo spray, to help give the borough a spring clean.

Wearing hi-vis jackets and gloves, she joined with a team of volunteers who were helping to spruce up the neighbourhood, and in encouraging others to spring clean their own communities.

It was also a chance to draw attention to people who let their dogs foul without cleaning up after them or who drop litter, whom the council has taken a tough approach towards.

Councillor Sally Gimson, Cabinet member for Sustainability and Environment
“Camden can look really beautiful, but it’s let down by the numbers of people who still expect others to pick up after them.

“This is just laziness and shows a lack of respect for the neighbourhood. You should always pick up your own litter rather than expect others to clean up after you.

“We’ve taken a no-nonsense approach to litter louts and persistent dog fouling through our Clean Camden campaign and this has achieved some success.

“But we want to go further and we hope people will join us in organising their own clean-up campaigns.”
Councillor Sally Gimson, Cabinet member for Sustainability and Environment

Timed to coincide with the first day of Spring and the national Community Clear Up Day, the Camden Spring Clean, which took place on Friday, saw people walk from Kilburn Grange to Finchley Road picking up litter and spraying any dog mess pink.

The team picked up 12 bags of rubbish on the route, which weighed the equivalent of a washing machine, and in addition also found two mattresses, a clothes airer, a wooden chair and a small metal table. The council now plans to try to find those responsible for the flytipping.