Rethink your drinking this alcohol awareness week (16-22 November)

If you are concerned about your drinking, or about someone close to you, we can help.

Regularly drinking too much alcohol can have severe effects on your health. Studies show that alcohol is linked to more than 60 different health conditions, and is one of the primary causes of chronic liver disease.

If you are worried about your own drinking, or someone close to you, there is help and support available.

Get help

We can provide support to anyone experiencing difficulty with alcohol use – and from a variety of different locations including GP surgeries, community centres, hostels and hospitals.

If you prefer, we can visit you in your own home, or you can visit us at 8-9 Early Mews, Arlington Road, NW1 7HG.

Kate Dallas, iCAS Manager, says: “We can help anyone – from someone who wants to drink a bit less to someone who is completely dependent on alcohol and needs medical help. We can also support you if you are affected by someone else’s alcohol use.

“We can help in different ways developing on your needs. This can include counselling, medical treatment and family sessions.”

Affected by someone else’s alcohol use?

We also work with children, young people and other family members who may be affected by the alcohol use of someone close to them.

Gareth’s journey to recovery

Gareth* had lost friends and family as a result of his drinking. But after reaching out to our alcohol support service, his life is back on track. Gareth says:

"I was given alcohol to drink from a very early age and I started drinking regularly as a teenager. As an adult I got into a difficult relationship and began drinking alone as a way of coping. I lost touch with friends and family. I became depressed, irritable and anxious.

"I finally decided to do something after the results of a blood test suggested my liver was badly damaged. I had huge reservations about seeking help. I was expecting to have to stand up in a room and say, 'I am an alcoholic', and feel lots of shame.

"But my experience was quite the opposite. My key worker encouraged me to feel compassion for myself, not shame. I have never been somewhere with so much compassion on tap. Everyone who works at the service really cares. We worked together to set realistic goals and I learned how to manage my cravings and emotions.

"Nowadays I am training in a new profession, and I am happy. I think for my family it has been like welcoming back someone they thought was lost forever.”

Get support and find out more

Visit or call 0300 303 2420 (24-hour Freephone) for free help, support and advice.

Take a free test at to check if your drinking is risky.

Sign up to Dry January and commit to cutting down your drinking this January.

*Name change to preserve anonymity.