Respond to the challenge to renew our high streets

Camden is excited to participate in the Mayor of London’s High Streets for All Challenge this Spring.

At this stage, Camden Council wants to hear from community groups, organisations and businesses who may be interested in working together with the council on improving the high street and submitting a proposal. These groups can find out more and register their interest at

Interested local groups and partnerships can also take a look at the GLA’s High Streets for All Challenge: Possibilities Playbook. City Hall is looking for a range of proposals that support the wider vision for London’s high streets and to back the best ideas that meet their high street priorities.

Stage one of the High Streets for All Challenge closes for applications on Monday 17 May 2021. Funding will support high street partnerships, bringing together local authorities, community and business groups and cultural and third sector organisations. It will invite partners to co-design innovative recovery proposals to enhance public spaces, bring exciting new activities to town centres and strengthen communities.

Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy
“Camden’s high streets and the businesses, have played a key role in supporting our community throughout the pandemic – but it has been an extremely difficult time for business owners and their staff and those working in creative industries.

“The pandemic has both amplified and accelerated change in our high streets and magnified the importance of local centres at the heart of community life. In responding to the impacts of Covid-19, we have the opportunity to do things differently and to build back better.

“We know the Council can’t do this alone and recovery will depend on the strength of the relationships between businesses, communities, the council and our partners. That’s why we’re interested in project proposals and developing partnerships to support this work. We are looking forward to supporting a safe reopening of Camden’s local economy and cultural scene.”
Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities, Culture and an Inclusive Economy

In 2020 Camden Council commenced the Camden Future High Streets programme to support Camden high streets through the pandemic and into a robust recovery and re-imagined future. The Council wants to work together with businesses, residents and our partners to explore how our centres could be used in new ways and tackle the challenges we face. The emerging vision for our high streets are as places that are safe, family-friendly, environmentally responsible, diverse, accessible and vibrant places to shop, work, socialise share knowledge and skills, network, learn, make, live and play.

Informed by early testing work and feedback received from the community to date, the council will be sharing details of the priority areas we want to focus on as part of the High Streets for All Challenge in the coming weeks.

Businesses can get further updates on the vision for Camden’s high streets and how to work with the council in responding to the Challenge Fund on our website: