Residents to choose a new name for Cecil Rhodes House

Camden is home to a vibrant community with a long history of championing equality and diversity. As a borough, we want to honour this history by celebrating the people who have made a positive contribution to the place we call home.

Over the summer, the Black Lives Matter movement highlighted that we can do more to address racism and inequality. As part of this work, the Council is reassessing the individuals memorialised in Camden. Among these is Cecil Rhodes House which will be renamed by the residents that live there.

The Council will work with residents to choose a name that promotes local diversity and better reflects the values of the community. To help inspire suggestions, there will be a webinar and drop-in where residents can discuss why the building is being renamed, the history of their area and Cecil Rhodes himself.

Councillor Abdul Hai, Cabinet Member for Young People and Cohesion
“There’s no place for racism in Camden and the continued celebration of Cecil Rhodes is at odds with who we are as an organisation and a borough. It is our view that the name of the block must now be replaced with something more suitable, chosen by the people who live there.”

“I hope that the educational sessions will form a strong foundation for the renaming, providing opportunities to learn from one another and reflect on our history and local identity. This is set to be an exciting time and I look forward to working with residents in shaping the future of their block.”
Councillor Abdul Hai, Cabinet Member for Young People and Cohesion

Following the webinar, a shortlist will put to block residents giving them a final say on the new name. The Council are also looking at other ways more diverse figures can be celebrated in our homes and on our streets.