Reporting hate crimes

There are three ways to report an incident in Camden

In Camden, we are committed to making sure there is no place for hate in our borough. Although incidents are rare, it’s important that every hate crime is reported.

As well as allowing appropriate action to be taken, reports help us to understand what is happening so we can better respond to issues. By reporting an incident you may also be able to prevent it from happening to someone else.

We know that many people still don’t report hate crimes – perhaps because they feel their experience is too trivial or aren’t sure where to report it. As well as contacting the police and us, if you would feel more comfortable, you can also make a report to one of our third party reporting sites. These are local organisations who we are working with to provide the best possible support to anyone affected by a hate crime.

Whether you have experienced an incident yourself, or witnessed one, make sure you report it. Remember, even if you don’t report a hate crime straightaway, please do report it:

  1. Police: 999 (emergencies) or 101 (non-emergencies)

  2. Camden Council: 020 7974 4444 or [email protected]

  3. Partner organisations:


Find out more:

For more details on what classifies as a hate crime, as well as a full list of contacts to report an incident, download our Camden: No place for Hate leaflet.