Recycling and rubbish collections have changed

Camden’s new environment services contract, which aims to boost recycling levels across the borough, whilst also saving £5 million a year, has begun.

On average, 85% of what Camden currently throws away is recyclable, yet our recycling rate is closer to 25%.

Residents have been receiving a service guide, explaining what can and can’t be recycled, what is food waste and what isn’t, amongst other helpful information aimed at driving up recycling rates.

You can find out more information about the new contract and if your collection date has changed by visiting our recycling and rubbish web pages from 1 April 2017. 

It costs far less to process recyclable materials, so by boosting the amount of material that is recycled in Camden we will save money that can be used for other council services, which is vital as our funding from government reduces. Increased recycling also helps the environment.

By making full use of the weekly recycling and food waste collections, all residents should have enough space in their wheelie bin or bags until their next non-recyclable collection.

Cllr Meric Apak, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Environment
“Bins and bags have now been delivered, as have service guides, advising what goes in which respective bin or bag, when their collection dates are, and where containers need to be left on collection day.

“85% of what Camden currently throws away is recyclable yet our recycling rate is closer to 25%.  It’s vital we recycle more and by appropriately separating waste and recycling, residents can help us become leaders in recycling in London, make us even more environmentally friendly and help Camden to save at least £5 million each year.”

Cllr Meric Apak, Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Environment

Our new contract will be far more responsive to the needs of the borough and its residents.

Vehicles’ on-board devices will log real time service issues, providing customers with up-to-date service information including missed collections, collection progress and recycling contamination issues.

For street cleaning, the new contract informs the contractor of the service standards that must be met and gives the contractor greater flexibility to deliver the service. If these standards are not met, then there will be financial penalties.

The contract will also encourage innovation and the use of technology to boost service quality and delivery, such as the Clean Camden app, which allows users to quickly report location-based environmental issues that they want resolved, even submitting photographs of the scene.

The new contract supports the Council’s commitment to improving air quality, with the contractor using some alternative fuel vehicles including compressed natural gas, electric and hybrid vehicles. As well as being London Living Wage compliant, the new contract will commit to providing new apprenticeships, local employment opportunities, volunteering and training.

  • All households in the borough that receive kerbside collections can register for a free weekly nappy collection service. Residents can call 0207 974 2202 to register and Veolia will then provide bags and arrange ongoing collection.
  • Camden Council will collect and recycle any old unwanted bins, please call 0207 974 2202. Residents can also register for an assisted collection if they have a mobility issue or a 30% discount on their garden waste charge if they qualify for a concession. Visit our website or call 020 7974 2202 to arrange.