Public meetings on health and social care - 16 and 24 November

The Council is inviting residents and interested people to hear, discuss and debate plans for greater integration between health and social care services in the North Central London area, which includes Camden.

These are set out in the NCL Sustainability and Transformation Plan, which has been published along with a summary document outlining the main points in the five-year plan.

You are invited to attend one of our two public meetings on 16 or 24 November, where you will have the chance to:

  • hear from senior Camden politicians on the key financial challenges facing the NHS and adult social care in Camden
  • find out about the proposals for greater integration of services set out in the STP Plan and what they mean for health and adult social care services
  • hear how Camden Council is starting to respond to the plan, including its future plans for adult social care
  • share your views about these areas and shape how the Council influences future NHS integration and its own proposals for adult social care in Camden.

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