Project set to increase housing options for people with learning disabilities

A project to help increase the chances of people with learning disabilities or autism in North London finding suitable accommodation has successfully secured £704,000 of funding.

Camden Council and Camden CCG submitted a bid, on behalf of the North Central London Transforming Care Partnership*, for Department of Health funding to help deliver sustainable housing solutions for people with learning disabilities.

The money will be used to try and increase the amount of suitable housing on the private rental market and with housing associations, through:

- A risk-sharing agreement between a local authority and the landlord, in which the local authority would maintain some funding responsibility for any repairs and maintenance directly arising from the needs or behaviour of the tenant(s).

- Funding for home adaptations for tenants who are within the Transforming Care Programme or properties designated by agreement with a local authority as suitable for tenants with these needs.

- A tenancy agreement with a longer than standard term to maximise security for the tenant, rental income for the landlord, and security of investment for the local authority.

The scheme will also look to fund:

- Adaptations to homes which are purchased by the patient and/or their family on a full or shared-ownership basis.

- Customised packages of assistive and other technology around the needs of the individual. This will not be limited to technology normally available through existing telecare schemes.

Councillor Georgia Gould, Camden Council’s Cabinet Member for Young People, Adults and Health, said:

“So many people in London are affected by the housing crisis and amongst them are people with learning disabilities and/or autism – who face significant obstacles simply to secure a suitable rental property, yet alone own their own home.

“Camden Council made a strong case for funding on behalf of all the partners involved in this project and I’m pleased that we have secured the money, as it will allow all the organisations involved to explore ways in which we can increase the housing options that are available in London for this target group.”

Dr Meena Anand, clinical lead for Learning Disabilities at Camden Clinical Commissioning Group, said:

“Improving the services available for people with learning disabilities in Camden is one of our priorities. An area we are currently focused on is supporting people with learning disabilities to leave hospital for appropriate accommodation and preventing new patients from having to live in hospital. We are pleased to have received this funding, which will help us to make further progress on this vital work.”


*The partnership is made up of:

Clinical Commissioning Groups = Barnet CCG, Camden CCG, Enfield CCG, Haringey CCG, Islington CCG.

Local Authorities = Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, Islington.