Open standards and public services: London Tech Week in Camden

Join Camden Council as we explore ‘How open standards and systems can transform public services’, as part of London Tech Week 2017.

When and where

Wednesday 14 June 2017
3pm to 6pm
5 Pancras Square

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London Tech Week celebrates the best in technology across the world, through conferences, forums and networking events. Camden’s offer will feature speakers from the private and public sector who are leading the way in exploiting open source technology and open standards to drive change, both across their organisations and for wider public benefit.

As well as the opportunity to hear how a modern local authority is embracing open standards and data, there will also be stalls showcasing innovative ideas around open standards and projects that have used open source technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Camden’s event will bring together local government leaders, businesses and tech firms to discuss how open standards and systems can transform public services.

Open source and open standards make sharing data and collaborating much easier. This means organisations can do things they would otherwise find very difficult with more traditional IT systems.

There is a culture, approach and mindset that goes with using open standards and open source and this event will explore how public services can innovate and transform their services and themselves, using these means.

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