Open Data Camden

Find out more about your local area.

If you’ve ever been curious about Council expenditure, the food hygiene ratings of your favourite restaurant, or wish you knew details of upcoming roadworks near you but were unsure where look, we have the answer.

Our new Open Data Camden website shares accurate, up-to-date information about the services we provide to residents and businesses. Collected in one place for the first time and featuring a range of easy-to-access tables, maps and graphs that you can personalise to show the information you’re looking for, you can find information on services including planning, parking and licencing, and council spending in your area.

You have the right to access information about your local community, so we’re adding new data all the time to keep you informed of what’s going on throughout the borough, some of which has never been published before.

We’re committed to leading the way on information sharing and we are making a public commitment through the Open Data Charter to make all our data ‘open by default’. This means that we will publish all our information, unless there is a good reason why not. The Charter also sets out how seriously we take our responsibilities for privacy and information security.

Find out more:

Visit the site at

If there is any information you would like to see on the Open Data Camden site, get in touch.

Stay tuned for more details our new and improved planning application e-mail alert, which will allow you to sign up for alerts on requests for planning permissions in your area.