Landlord licensing for shared housing

After private renters called on us to do more to improve their living conditions – over 20,000 residents are set to benefit from our new licensing scheme.

We’re helping to improve the lives of private renters in shared housing with landlord licensing. The scheme applies to house shares, converted flats, student homes and bedsits - also known as Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

To ensure better living conditions for residents our licensing scheme will include property inspections and advice for landlords on any improvements they need to make to their property.


Security for tenants

More than 20,000 residents privately rent shared housing in Camden – and this number’s growing.

When we surveyed these homes we found health and safety issues, fire hazards, poor security and excess cold, which can cause mould and damp.

Licensing will help to put a stop to these problems, provide better standards and give tenants stronger rights to challenge bad landlords.

Around 8,000 shared homes in Camden need a licence. Landlords have to apply for a five-year licence and pay a fee.


You can help

If you rent shared housing ask your landlord about getting a licence, or contact us so we can advise them directly about applying. Landlords face an unlimited fine it they do not apply to get a licence.


Find out more

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