New faces in our repairs service

We’re delighted to announce that our repairs service has just taken on six new apprentices: three electrical, two carpentry and one plastering. This is two more than our usual yearly intake and takes the total number of apprentices within the service to 14.

Camden Repairs is uniquely placed to offer apprenticeships in manual craft skills to ensure we are training the workforce needed for the future. By employing local people we support the Camden community and help to make it more resilient. The new apprentices were recruited by King’s Cross Construction Skills Centre, part of Camden Apprenticeships.

Does your company offer apprenticeships? The benefits are huge: by employing local people you support the Camden community and help to build your own resilience by making sure you’ll have the workforce you’ll need in the future. Camden Apprenticeships can help you if you are interested in offering a young person an apprenticeship: they support employers in a wide range of fields with apprenticeships ranging from business administrators to pharmacy assistants, as well as in the construction industry.

If your company would be interested in offering a young person an apprenticeship and you want to know more about the support available, please visit our website For information about construction apprentices please visit