New exhibition ‘Object Interviews’ opens at Swiss Cottage Gallery

The past, props and perception is the focus of this new, free, exhibition on from Thursday 17 September to Sunday 8 November.

Props have always helped filmmakers to tell great stories. In particular, films about the past rely on props based on historical objects to show us exactly how things used to be. This exhibition by artist Patrick Hough focuses on Egyptian objects, such as mummies and the Naxian Sphinx, and the props that are inspired by them. It explores how much of an effect these props have on the way we think about the past - and how our own experiences can actually influence what we see.

Come along to Swiss Cottage Library to interact with installations that delve deeper into the relationship between the past and how we view it. As part of the exhibition, you can also watch three films in which experts in the field become the stars of the films themselves, including specialists from the British Museum, in propmaking and in psychoanalysis.

The exhibition has been made possible through support from the Arts Council England and the Arts Council of Ireland.

There are also two free lunchtime talks as part of the exhibition, which will be run in partnership with the UCL Art Museum and the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology:

Patrick Hough: Object Interviews talk

Thursday 1 October, 1pm, at Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. Artist Patrick Hough will discuss his exhibition Object Interviews.

Going Forth By Night talk

Friday 6 November, 1pm at Swiss Cottage Gallery. John J Johnston from the UCL Institute of Archaeology will consider the Egyptian mummy’s role as an icon of literature and fiction.

To book a place at either event, email [email protected] or phone 020 7679 4138.

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