National Adoption Week - 17 to 23 October

Monday 17 October marks the launch of National Adoption Week 2022, which this year focuses on identity.

This theme explores adopted people’s reflections on their relationships from before, during and after they were adopted and how this helped them develop a sense of their identity as they grew up. 

During the week, the campaign will challenge perceptions of modern adoption and show how important it can be for adopted people to be able to understand and feel connected to their past – often through physical keepsakes such as letters, photographs, or childhood toys and sometimes through meeting up. 

A new film explores the relationships and memories of Tiegan and three more adopted people, as they look back through their own ‘memory boxes’ and keepsakes. 

Tiegan, who met with her birth father two years ago, said: “I think it's important to be told you're adopted from the very beginning - my mums knew they weren't just adopting me, they were adopting my whole history and family as well. There are still struggles - you'll never get every piece of information. But there were four years of my life before I was adopted, and that’s still part of my story."

The national survey by You Can Adopt revealed that 80% in London say their identity is shaped through connections made throughout their life, and 75% say it is shaped by an understanding of their family history. Adopted people are no different, and many factors play a role in influencing who they are today – including special memories with foster carers and friends, contact with birth parents, knowledge of their family history, and the relationships formed with their adoptive families. 

A new podcast from You Can Adopt, featuring presenter Ashley John Baptiste and adopted adult Jamal, has also been launched for National Adoption Week, exploring the issues of identity, birth relatives, and the relationships developed along the adoption journey. 

Information session - Wednesday, 19 October

A series of events will be taking place to mark National Adoption Week - with an online information session for north London residents who are interested in adopting being held on Wednesday 19 October, from 7.30 to 9pm - sign-up here.

Background information

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