Monday morning update from Camden Council on Chalcots Estate operation

Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council said:

“Camden Council would like to thank residents for their patience and co-operation during this period of unprecedented disruption.

“We have been working through the night to allocate residents with safe and secure accommodation, and there are now just 14 people staying at Swiss Cottage rest centre. We hope to find a comfortable place for them to stay by the end of the day.

“We would also like to thank the residents who moved from their flats on the Chalcots estate last night, helping us to continue with the urgent fire safety works across all four blocks.

“As the working week begins we are committed to doing all that we can to support you and your family through the challenges posed by your displacement.

“Schools across the borough are aware of the situation and sympathetic to the fact that children may arrive late, without uniform, books or homework. We are looking at options for more play activities and study space out of school hours to support children affected by the evacuation.

“If you have been staying with family and friends and are in need of temporary accommodation on a longer term basis, the Swiss Cottage rest centre will be remaining open as an information point. Here, you can register with us, and we will do everything we can to help you move as smooth as possible.

“We are also working with SISK to make accommodation available in our brand new Maiden Lane development, if you are staying in a hotel but would prefer to stay at Maiden Lane please register your interest by emailing: [email protected]

“Our contractors are very busy across the estate, working hard to complete fire safety works as quickly as possible to bring a swift end to the disruption. We have already started works to ensure that residents’ doors are self-closing, and today will begin working to correct all of the other issues identified as a risk by the fire service

“The urgent works at Blashford* have now been completed and the Fire Services have confirmed that the building is safe. We will now continue with the other works required.

“We have undertaken works to ceilings, electric doors and cupboards and I am very pleased with the pace of our dedicated teams. 200 self-closing doors have been delivered and we are ready to start installing them today.

“Thank you again for your help in the face of unimaginable disruption. This has been hugely important in helping us get to work, as we step up our game to ensure the safety of you and your neighbours."

*Note: residents have not been evacuated from this block (Blashford), as there were key differences from the other four blocks on the Chalcots estate - see earlier press statements on this web page.