Monday 17 June - Chalcots Estate news

Dear resident

Tell us what you think about the window design proposal and the radiator options – complete our feedback form

Thank you to all residents who came to our engagement event to talk to us about the window design and radiators. More than 100 of you attended and we received a lot of helpful feedback.

We know that some residents were unable to come to the event, so we wanted to write to you to update you on where we are up to in the works, provide a summary of feedback from those who attended the event and let you know what’s next. We also want to give those who didn’t attend the event an opportunity to feedback and give us your views on the panel above the windowsill - whether this will be solid or glazed, and the radiator options. The feedback from residents on the window design will feed into the planning process for the final window design.

In addition to this letter, you will find enclosed:

  • feedback form including computer generated images (CGIs) showing your window panel and radiator options
  • detailed feedback to questions and issues raised at the engagement event.

Please return the feedback form using the freepost envelope provided, or share your views online at You can also return this form to the Camden office at 85 Burnham. If you would like your feedback form to be collected from your home or if you have any questions, please contact Donna Peters on 020 7974 3889 or at [email protected]

The closing date for feedback is Monday 24 June 2019

An update on the windows

This is a complex, multimillion pound project and we have to get the design right to ensure we deliver the safest home for you. It is an ongoing process and needs to be checked and assessed by us and our design specialists.

In May we told you that through the design phase we have found that any window that opens more than 10cm needs to have a lowered windowsill at approximately 20cm above the floor for safety reasons. Due to the lowering of the windowsills we are also looking into options for the panel above your windowsill - whether it is glazed or solid, and the possible relocation of your radiators.

Feedback from the event

In addition to the conversations we had with residents who attended the event, we have been analysing the feedback forms returned to us including the comments left on the feedback board.

We received a lot of varied feedback and questions and we are still following up on some of the very helpful points raised. We have summarised some key themes from what residents told us at the event and included more detailed answers to questions in the attached event feedback:

Window panel design

  • From the views of the residents who attended the event, there was not a significant preference on the glazed window panel or the solid window panel.
  • Some residents asked whether we could provide a stick on panel so residents could choose between glazed or solid appearance.
  • Some residents asked about how we would help disabled or frail residents use the windows and window handles safely.
  • Some people asked questions about the reasons why we have proposed a lowered sill and the safety factors we have considered.
  • A small number of residents asked whether we could drop the second sill in the living room.

We want to hear from you about your views on the window panel options and whether it should be glazed or solid. Please complete the feedback form to tell us your views.

Impact of works on you and your home

  • Residents asked lots of questions about how long the works would take for each flat and what will be in place to support residents while these happen.
  • Lots of people wanted to understand the impact of works on their living space, and what the offer will be around redecoration. Many residents asked whether blinds and curtains will be replaced if impacted by the works.

We know this is important to residents, we will try to finalise this as soon as possible. A lot of the questions raised have been answered in the feedback document enclosed with this letter.

Your radiator options

  • Some residents were concerned how the relocated radiators could impact on wall space and furniture.
  • There were questions around whether the lower level radiator located under the windowsill would be able to heat up a whole room.
  • Some of residents wanted to know whether you could mix and match having different radiator types in different rooms.

It is important that we meet you in your homes to understand your individual needs and to talk to you about your radiator options. If the changed windows have an impact on your blinds and curtains, we will talk to you about how we can work around this. In order to answer any questions you have and to speak to someone face-to-face book your getting to know you and your home appointment. You can book your appointment with Wates on 0800 389 2837.

What’s next in the programme of works?

There are lots of opportunities for you to engage with us and Wates over the next few months:

  • At the recent Wates block by block event they spoke to you about the possible impact of the works on your playgrounds and carparks. Wates are looking into holding more block specific events to talk to you in detail about how this will affect you.
  • Wates will be consulting with you on the construction management plan. They will hold an event so you can find out the timetable of works on your estate and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the preparation works, replacement cladding, curtain wall and the windows. In addition to this we are working with Wates to come up with a programme for you to take away that will highlight these key milestones and others in the programme of works.
  • There will be an event to talk to Blashford residents in more detail about the window design.
  • There will also be a planning application consultation about the future works.

Thank you for your patience as we work through the design phase. We will let you know when these events are happening and how to feedback your views in the coming weeks.

Yours sincerely

Gavin Haynes, Director Property Management