Local Council Elections 2022: Voting tips

Registration has now closed for the 2022 Local Council Elections.

To help you prepare for polling day on Thursday 5th May, we’ve compiled these top voting tips to answer any questions you might have.

Proxy voting

If you’re going to be away from home or are unable to make it to a polling station because of work, a nominated person can vote on your behalf. This is called proxy voting. You can apply for a proxy vote until 5pm on Tuesday 26th April. 


Emergency proxy votes

There may be certain circumstances where you have to attend to an emergency on polling day and cannot vote in person. Under these circumstances an emergency proxy vote may be available to you.

Please contact [email protected] or call 020 7974 4444 before 5pm on polling day. 

Postal voting

Postal votes have now been sent out to all those who have applied for them. Postal votes will only be counted if they are returned before 10pm on Thursday 5th May, so it is important that you return them to us as soon as possible.

If you are concerned that your postal vote might not arrive on time, you can hand it in in person at the Crowndale Centre.

Lost or spoiled postal votes

If you have lost or damaged your postal vote, a replacement can be issued until 5pm on Thursday 5th May.

Please get in touch with our elections office at [email protected] or by calling 020 7974 4444.

Polling station open times

Polls open between 7am and 10pm on Thursday 5th May. As long as you are in the polling station queue by 10pm you will still be allowed to vote.

You can find directions to your polling station on the back of your polling card or you can find directions online at

Lost polling card

You do not need your polling card to have your say on Thursday 5th May. As long as you registered to vote before Thursday 14th April, your name will be on the electoral register. Simply arrive at your local polling station and let the staff know your name and address.  

Who’s standing in your area?

Following a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission, the number of electoral wards in the borough have increased from 18 to 20 and the number of Councillors will increase from 54 to 55.

15 wards will be represented by three Councillors and five wards will be represented by two.

You can find full details of who is standing in your ward by visiting

Accessibility in our polling stations

All polling stations in Camden have disabled access. However, if you require extra help, there are staff at all of our polling stations who will be ready to assist you. This could be help accessing the polling station or the use of specially designed tools to help you cast your vote. Alternatively, you can choose a companion to come along to the polling station with you to help you cast your vote. The presiding officer at the station will be able to help you with this on polling day.


Measures will be in place at all of our polling stations to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Polling stations will be ventilated, surfaces will be cleaned regularly, and pencils will be sanitised after each use. You may also bring your own pen or pencil to mark your ballot paper if you wish. Hand sanitiser and face masks will be available to those who would like to use them.

If you test positive for Covid on polling day and do not wish to visit a polling station to vote, you can apply for an emergency proxy vote up to 5pm on polling day. This will allow for a nominated person to vote on your behalf.

Dogs in polling stations

Dogs are allowed into many of our polling stations however, it is at the building owner’s discretion. If there is clear signage in place that states dogs are not allowed then we ask that you respect these wishes. Guide and assistance dogs are exempt from these rules and allowed into all polling stations. 

Photo policy

We ask that you refrain from taking photos while inside polling stations, this is to ensure that you don’t break strict laws around the secrecy of the ballot. However, you’re more than welcome to take photos outside if you’re excited to share them with friends and family.