Local CIL funding available to support community projects in Camden

Local Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds worth £4.5 million are available to help fund local community projects to help address the impacts of new development. 

Camden’s CIL is a charge collected from building developments which is used to help deliver and improve infrastructure in the borough. 

As well as funding borough-wide infrastructure like schools and transport, Camden allocates a quarter of all the Community Infrastructure Levy it collects to support community projects approved by ward councillors, which aim to benefit communities and support their neighbourhoods. 

This is called Local CIL and the amount available in each ward varies depending on the amount of development that has occurred there. The current amounts of Local CIL vary in each local area, depending on the level of development that has taken place – you can find out how much is available in your area here

Since 2015, £10million of local CIL funding has been distributed to over 400 projects including improvements to South End Green, Henderson Court care facility improvements, the Jewish Museum, Primrose Hill library, Mortimer Terrace nature reserve, the Roundhouse, installing cycle hangars and Electric Vehicle charging points, the Euston Well Being Team and various community Cost of Living and Covid support projects. 

The allocation of funds is guided by local CIL priority lists for each ward. These have been developed by ward councillors in consultation with their local area and have recently been updated to cover the next three years LCIL priorities 2023 2026

Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for New Homes, Jobs and Community Investment

We want to ensure developments in Camden can benefit everyone, so we’ve allocated a quarter of CIL funding raised from new developments to go towards projects which aim to support local growth and benefit our communities. If you have a project ideas in your area, you can put forward ideas to your local councillors.

Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for New Homes, Jobs and Community Investment

A proposal to spend local CIL must be submitted using this form with support by one of the councillors for the ward(s) where the project is based. 

To find out more about Camden CIL funding and the application process, head to