LIVE: Results - Camden Council local election 2018

The story so far: 

  • After a first round of counting, the Returning Officer has announced that all votes cast in Belsize ward will recounted at midday today (Friday 4 May 2018).
  • Results are starting to come in with Bloomsbury being the first to declare. 
  • Turnouts coming in for individual wards: 50.4% turnout in Highgate highest of all wards.
  • Verification of ballot papers complete, on to main counting.
  • Counting to take place through the night at the count centre in Somers Town.
  • All 54 council seats across 18 wards are up for grabs. 

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1.35pmRecounting is over and we now have a Belsize ward result. The elected candidates in Belsize are Tom Simon (LIB), Steve Adams (CON), Luisa Porritt (LIB) 

Midday: Recount of all the Belsize ward votes is underway at the Town Hall.

5.10am : Elected candidates in West Hampstead are Nazma Rahman (LAB), Shiva Tiwari (LAB), Peter Taheri (LAB)

5.05am : Elected candidates in St Pancras & Somers Town are Samata Khatoon (LAB), Roger Robinson (LAB), Paul Tomlinson (LAB)

5.00am : Elected candidates in Haverstock are Alison Kelly (LAB), Abdul Quadir (LAB), Abi Wood (LAB)

5.00am : Elected candidates in Camden Town with Primrose Hill are Pat Callaghan (LAB), Richard Cotton (LAB), Lazzaro Pietragnoli (LAB)

4.45am : After a first round of counting, the Returning Officer has announced that all votes cast in Belsize ward will recounted at midday today (Friday 4 May 2018).

4.40am : Elected candidates in Hampstead Town are Stephen Stark (CON), Oliver Cooper (CON), Maria Higson (CON)

4.40am : Elected candidates in Cantelowes are Danny Beales (LAB), Angela Mason (LAB), Ranjit Singh (LAB)

4.35am : Elected candidates in Highgate are Sian Berry (GREEN), Oliver Lewis (LAB), Anna Wright (LAB)

4.25am : Elected candidates in Kentish Town are Georgia Gould (LAB), Jenny Headlam-Wells (LAB), Meric Apak (LAB)

4.15am : Elected candidates in Fortune Green are Flick Rea (LIB DEM), Lorna Russell (LAB), Richard Olszewski (LAB)

4:10am : Elected candidates in Swiss Cottage are Nayra Bello O'Shanahan (LAB), Leo Cassarani (LAB), Simon Pearson (LAB)

4.10am : Elected candidates in Regents Park are Nadia Shah (LAB), Heather Johnson (LAB), Ali Nasim (LAB)

3.40am : Elected candidates in Kilburn are Douglas Beattie (LAB), Maryam Eslamdoust (LAB), Thomas Gardiner (LAB)

3.30am : Elected candidates in Frognal & Fitzjohns are Henry Newman (CON), Andrew Parkinson (CON), Gio Spinella (CON)

3.25am : Elected candidates in Holborn & Covent Garden are Julian Fulbrook (LAB), Sue Vincent (LAB), Awale Olad (LAB) 

3.25am : Elected candidates in Gospel Oak are Jenny Mulholland (LAB), Marcus Boyland (LAB), Larraine Revah (LAB)

2.55am : Elected candidates in King's Cross are Jonathan Simpson (LAB), Georgie Robertson (LAB), Abdul Hai (LAB)

2.45am : The first declaration is in. Elected candidates in Bloomsbury ward are Adam Harrison (LAB), Sabrina Francis (LAB) and Rishi Madlani (LAB). 

1.50am: We're still waiting for the first result of the evening. We've poured ourselves a coffee and will let you know the results as soon as they are announced. 

1.10am: Verification has been completed. Turnout for St Pancras & Somers Town ward 35.1%, turnout for West Hampstead ward 37.9%.

1.00am: Turnout for Fortune Green 41.6%, turnout for Belsize 42.5%, turnout for Haverstock 33.6%, turnout for Holborn and Covent Garden 32.5%.

12.45am: Turnout for Camden Town & Primrose Hill 34.9%, turnout for Frognal & Fitzjohns 41.7%, turnout for Kentish Town 37.5%, turnout for Cantelowes 36.2%. 

12.35am: Latest official turnouts - turnout for Highgate 50.4%, turnout for Hampstead Town 46.5%, turnout for Regent's Park ward 31.7% and turnout for Swiss Cottage ward 38.5%.

12.15am: More turnouts in - turnout for King's Cross ward 29.7%, turnout for Kilburn ward 32.4% and turnout for Gospel Oak ward 36.6%.

11.40pm: Verification completed for Bloomsbury ward - turnout there is 31.7%. They're now onto the main counting in Bloomsbury, while verification continues in the other wards.

11.06pm: All ballot boxes are now in the count hall - just one hour and six minutes after polls closed, a Camden record. More trivia like this on Camden Council's Twitter @camdentalking.

11.00pm: Verification continues - meanwhile the stage is set for successful candidates later this evening. 





















10.25pm: Some ballot papers have already arrived at the count centre. The first phase of counting is called 'verification'. This is to count how many votes have been cast in total in each ward and to establish the turnout figure. 

10.00pm: POLLS HAVE CLOSED. Counting staff have taken their seats. Ballot boxes are being locked up ready for transportation to the count centre. Candidates are beginning to arrive at the count centre and the excitement ratchets up a notch.

9.40pm: Somers Town Community Sports Centre has seen a few election counts now - and it's got its glad rags on tonight. Polls close in 20. 













9.20pm: You'll have seen in the news today that a wide variety of venues double up as polling stations. No pubs have been swapping their barrels for ballot boxes in Camden, but we have used our first ever mobile polling station today, this is in the carpark at Beckford Primary School in Fortune Green ward. It meant the school could carry on teaching their children on polling day. Just over half an hour to cast your votes now folks!













9.00pm: Welcome to live coverage of the 'Camden Count'. Council staff will be counting votes in the Camden Council local election 2018 here at the Somers Town Community Sports Centre throughout the night. 

Residents across Camden have been going to the polls today since 7am. Polls close in one hour at 10am - at which point the ballot boxes will be locked and transported here so we can get the count underway.