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Liddell Road update

Liddell Road construction site has been occupied without the Council’s consent. The Council is currently building a much needed new nursery and infants’ school building for the Kingsgate Primary school at the site – so we need the land handed back as soon as possible so that these works can continue without further disruption.

The council is now taking legal action to remove those occupying the site as soon as possible.

We anticipate receiving the possession order on Thursday 15th October. If the order is not adhered to voluntarily we will take the appropriate action to enforce the order.


• The new building for the Kingsgate Primary School is a CIP development. The Community Investment Programme (CIP) is a 15 year plan to invest money in schools, homes and community facilities. We may sell or redevelop properties that are out of date, expensive to maintain, or underused and difficult to access. This will help us generate funds that are not otherwise available to reinvest into improving other services and facilities, such as this project which will create 420 new school places for Camden children.