Leader confirms new Cabinet positions

Leader of Camden Council Councillor Georgia Gould has introduced Camden’s new Cabinet which includes new roles designed to particularly focus on the key challenges facing Camden residents.

Councillors Danny Beales and Adam Harrison join the Cabinet after Councillor Phil Jones and Theo Blackwell stepped down from their roles.

Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council
I want all Camden residents to have the very best opportunities and support in life and, to make this happen, we need to work together to challenge the inequalities our residents face. The new portfolios are about moving away from some of the more traditional, rigid portfolios and working collectively on the issues that really matter to people.

We are committed to working alongside Camden residents to achieve this. Next month a new Citizens Assembly will kick off a Camden wide conversation about the future of our borough. We want residents to take the lead and we look forward to working alongside them to make sure Camden is a borough where everyone thrives.
Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council

The new Cabinet members and their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Leader (Councillor Georgia Gould): Leads overall strategy, resident safety, citizen participation, innovation to tackle inequality and oversight of HS2.
  • Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities (Councillor Danny Beales): Leads on job creation, protecting mixed communities and sharing our common wealth, including investment in new homes, schools, green space and community facilities, planning, Community Investment Programme, regeneration, place-making, economic growth and jobs. Acts as the Cabinet strategic lead on HS2.
  • Cabinet Member for Best Start in Life (Councillor Angela Mason): Leads on keeping children safe, reducing child poverty, supporting families, excellence in education for all and reducing domestic violence, including early intervention, early years, schools and children’s safeguarding.
  • Cabinet Member for Better Homes (Councillor Meric Apak): Leads on improving council homes and estates, reducing homelessness, tenant and leaseholder participation and promoting quality private rented accommodation, including council homes, housing management and housing strategies.
  • Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Tackling Health Inequalities and Promoting Independence (Councillor Pat Callaghan): Leads on healthy living and ageing well in Camden, supporting good mental health, reducing health inequalities and supporting independence for residents with disabilities or health conditions, including health inequalities and adult social care.
  • Cabinet Member for Improving Camden’s Environment (Councillor Adam Harrison): Leads on cleaner air, greener streets, promoting sustainability, increasing recycling and making our communities accessible for all, including parks, recycling, waste services, transport, sustainability with a focus on air pollution, cycling and walking.
  • Cabinet Member for Safer Communities (Councillor Nadia Shah): Leads on reducing hate crime, reducing drug activity, preventing anti-social behaviour and crime, reducing rough sleeping, increasing trust and special responsibility for creating vibrant markets.
  • Cabinet Member for Promoting Culture and Communities (Councillor Jonathan Simpson): Leads on protecting and enhancing Camden’s culture and creativity including arts and libraries, volunteering and neighbourhood empowerment, promoting health and wellbeing through sport and culture, plus special responsibility for the impact of Brexit on Camden.
  • Cabinet Member for Finance and Transformation (Councillor Richard Olszewski): Leads on making best use of limited funds to meet our objectives, transformation including promoting digital, making sure the council is responsive to citizens and other stakeholders and financial inclusion, including finance, property, HR, citizens and customer services, regulatory services, transformation including digital lead.
  • Cabinet Member for Young People and Cohesion (Councillor Abdul Hai): Promotes cohesion and leads on tackling inequality for all. Creates opportunities for young people and reducing youth offending, including youth participation, ensuring successful routes into work and maximising the apprenticeship levy, early intervention for adolescence, youth services and youth justice.

The new Cabinet will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, 18 October 2017. You can read the full decision details on our website.