Know You’re Not Alone

Share our new video to help tackle domestic violence and abuse in Camden.

Today at 14.16 we launched a new video as part of our campaign to tackle domestic violence and abuse in Camden. The release time of 14:16 represented the one in four women and one in six men who will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

Help us to reach as many people as possible by sharing or retweeting the campaign video from your own social media account, including Twitter and Facebook, using the hashtag #KnowYoureNotAlone

The video directs people to Camden Safety Net, our confidential advice service, which works with victims and families of domestic violence and abuse to provide support.

Domestic abuse isn't just physical. Psychological, sexual, financial and emotional abuse, including controlling and coercive behaviour, are all types of abuse that have devastating effects on people’s lives. Abuse can occur within couples' relationships and within families and extended families too.

People who experience domestic abuse may feel like they are completely alone and that there is no one to turn to. Knowing the signs to look out for, both in your own relationships, and in those around you, whether it’s a family member, friend or neighbour, is key to tackling the abuse and getting help.

While it isn’t possible to depict every relationship or type of abuse, we hope the scenes in this video will continue to break the silence that can surround this issue, to highlight the diversity of what abusive behaviour can look like and who it can happen to, and to get the message out that there is help and support available, whatever the individual situation.

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If you are experiencing domestic abuse, or know someone who is, call our confidential advice service, Camden Safety Net, on 020 7974 2526.

For more information about Camden Safety Net and our past campaigns, visit