Know You’re Not Alone: Help us tackle domestic violence and abuse

On Tuesday 12 April we will launch a powerful new video as part of our Know You’re Not Alone campaign to tackle domestic violence and abuse in Camden.

Launching at 14:16, the release time represents the one in four women and one in six men who will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime.

The message of the campaign is that domestic abuse can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or culture and we have worked with partner organisations and community groups to develop the video’s six scenarios. While it isn’t possible to depict every situation, the campaign aims to highlight the diversity of what abusive behaviour can look like, who it can happen to and where to go for help.

The video directs people to Camden Safety Net, our confidential advice service, which works with victims and families of domestic violence and abuse to provide support, whatever their individual situation.

Although Camden Safety Net receives 250 referrals a month, it is thought that only 35% of domestic abuse incidents are reported, partly due to people feeling too afraid to seek help, or not knowing where to turn. Through this campaign we aim to reach out to as many people as possible to tell them they are not alone, that there is help available.

Help us to tackle domestic abuse in Camden by getting the word out that Camden Safety Net is the place where people can find help and support.

Look out for our video on Twitter and Facebook at 14:16 on Tuesday 12 April and share using the hashtag #KnowYoureNotAlone

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If you are experiencing domestic abuse, or know someone who is, call our confidential advice service, Camden Safety Net, on 020 7974 2526.

For more information about Camden Safety Net and our past campaigns, visit