Know it's not too late

On Tuesday 3 March over 50 representatives from community and faith organisations, health care professionals, and safeguarding and community safety colleagues came together to pledge their commitment to tackling domestic violence and abuse amongst our older residents. 

‘Know it’s not too late’ is the message for those who may have suffered in silence for years. Through local GPs, hospitals, pharmacies and community networks we aim to reach people who are suffering physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse and control. This campaign covers the common themes of abuse:

Physical violence and sexual abuse:

•     A partner or family member is violent or aggressive towards you. Or forces you to into sexual activity.

Emotional and psychological abuse:

•    Someone makes you feel scared or worthless. This leaves you questioning your own judgement or you blame yourself for this treatment.

Social abuse and isolation:

•    You are being kept away from family or friends.  Or someone tells you who you can speak to and when.

Financial abuse:

•    A partner or family member stops you having access to your money.  Or they take your money and control what you can spend it on.

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, of any age and our colleagues at Camden Safety Net can help. It’s up to you what action you take.

If you are experiencing domestic violence and abuse, or know someone who is experiencing this, contact the Camden Safety Net confidentially on 020 7974 2526.

Find out more

Look out for posters, leaflets and social media activity over the coming weeks, encouraging people to seek help and advice from our dedicated support service, Camden Safety Net. 

To find out more about the campaign and the ways that we can help those suffering from domestic violence and abuse visit