Joint statement from Camden Council and Beckford Primary School Governing Body

“Working closely with Camden Council, Beckford Primary School’s Board of Governors have decided to start the process to rename the school in consultation with its school community. 

“This reflects the Council’s cross-party review into names of local buildings, streets, public spaces and memorials that may have associations with individuals whose actions have contributed to or directly benefited from oppression.

“We have both concluded that a name change is warranted and that the school’s governing body will start consultation with parents and pupils to choose a new name in September. This will allow the school to fully involve pupils once they return from their summer holidays, giving them an opportunity to learn about the history of William Beckford and why he is no longer a suitable candidate for celebration in the school’s name.

“The school has a rich and diverse history that reflects our borough, and over the past year there has been a conscious effort to diversify the curriculum, making it more representative of the local community. Similarly, the renaming process will give pupils a further opportunity to learn about this history and also a more diverse range of locally significant figures.

“Together we are united in rejecting racism – in educating all generations and in moving forward together towards an equal society.”